okay, some sites over here may not work, but anyways ... i guess everything's working out okay :) by the way, if you're a forever friends [ya know, those bears] lover, maybe you'd also love to visit this very cute site i found on alta vista - [click here!] ...

friends' websites
* the mp files (about Melrose Place)
* stephen carr's education n' fun index
* pure jannie
* nina's page
* niccole's page
* tigerlily's den
* akama's page
* jui's spice girls page
* seXy's page
* kevland
* ms. jackson's place
* nicole's site
* gemini's page
* SMOOCHES . suckafree
* divide by zero fonts
- I don't really know this person, but his fonts are just CUTE!
* michelle's virtual home
* stardust graphics
* booboo's '99 design
* pnailove kreashunz
* melissa's homepage
* animated insanity
* iLL MOoVMENTz version 5.0
* flair star
* truepinay's bubble
* pinay sistahz

for more cool websites, check out the award winners page ...

Other links to great sites on the web:

* tripod - make your own FREE webpage, 11mb free space
* yahoo! - get your own Yahoo! email address; search for other great websites
* messagemates - send animated 'ecards' for all occasions
* screenmates - get your own cute little buddies that live on your desktop!
* e-greetings - cool FREE e-cards for almost every occasion!
* bluemountain cards - cute ecards for every occasion!
* MTV - for those MTV 'addicts' (official)...
Other MTV sites:
MTV Europe - MTV Asia
* cartoon Network - hey, it's still a cute website! (official)
another cartoon network site:
cartoon network in europe
* garfield's official website - send postcards, play games, download stuff...
* OHMYGOODNESS.COM - one of the best postcards site I've ever been to - it's
got these great funny postcards for almost every occasion - send some for FREE!

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